Your Questions Answered

Yes, we provide transportation from your hotel. Some hotels are further than others so we will work with you according to your location to provide you with the seamless transfers required to facilitate your adventure.

Due to some resort policies, direct pick-up at the lobby entrance may not be available. In this case, pick-up will be made at the main gate of the property. If you were to find yourself running late to meet our vehicle you will be required to take a local taxi to catch up with the van at a point among our pickup routes. Our team will be unable to wait more than 10 minutes.

Our first concern would be for the safety of our guests and that of ourselves. If there was any weather coming that could physically harm any people, we would immediately cancel the day’s activity and issue site credit for another adventure tour. The island typically never gets cold, but if you feel you may get cold, please bring a light jacket. The terrain we will be visiting may be challenging so we suggest that you wear closed-toe footwear, you can also wear whatever you like. Clothing should be casual.

Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian. If there are any communication issues, we can also use a smartphone that our employees have which can translate any miscommunications.

There are no age restrictions on our tours. But we do not recommend these tours for infants or those who have mobility issues, heart issues, breathing issues. There may be some steep climbs and challenging terrain that should not be attempted by people who are not in good physical condition. Proper footwear is strongly suggested.

Tips and gratuities are not required for any of our team. If you feel that you have been given exceptional service from members of our team you are free to tip or give them a gratuity. Any monetary amount given to them is greatly appreciated.

We always suggest that you should always carry a minimal amount of cash currency with you. The common currencies are the Dominican peso, American dollar, and euros. There are plenty of money exchange stores where you will be able to exchange your money. Typically, most merchants accept credit cards and foreign currency.

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